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Frederick Hatfield, Ph.D.
Jailhouse Strong | No frills training for strength and unarmed combat | Adam benShea | Josh Bryant | Reviews | Frederick Hatfield, Ph.D.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention Inventiveness and ingenuity are stimulated by difficulty. The first prisoner to tie together bedsheets to escape knew that necessity was the mother of invention. This proverb first appeared in English in 1519 in slightly different form, “Need taught him wit,” and exists in many other languages as well. Getting back to those prisoners, yes, being incarcerated does tend to heighten the need for things once taken for granted. This is especially true of those things upon which one’s very survival is linked. Y’know, food, protection, fighting skill, muscle…muscle? Yes, MUSCLE, and the more the better! Few prisons nowadays have anything akin to fancy weight training equipment, so how does one get that life-saving muscle and fighting ability so desperately valued among at-risk inmates? Let me tell you, authors Josh Bryant (World Records in Powerlifting and American Champion Strongman) and Adam benShea (World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), both accomplished aficionados of strength in their own right, saw the tremendous strength and powerful physiques of inmates, and asked the obvious questions. They traveled far and wide asking prison guards, inmates and former inmates how they acquired their Herculean proportions of mass and strength. The answers are written in their great training book, Jailhouse Strong. What does any of this have to do with you? First, the workouts can be done anywhere, in a cell, living room, hotel room, wherever. They’re functional as hell (they work), and little or no equipment is required. You do the math! The take-home lesson is that now you have no excuse to get yourself in fantastic shape!

Matt Furey
Jailhouse Strong | No frills training for strength and unarmed combat | Adam benShea | Josh Bryant | Reviews | Matt Furey

Loved your book. Great job. Lots of solid information that anyone at any level can use to make himself better.

Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller – Founder Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academies
Jailhouse Strong | No frills training for strength and unarmed combat | Adam benShea | Josh Bryant | Reviews | Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller

Jailhouse Strong is good for grapplers, cage fighters, and everyday folks!

Charles Poliquin
Jailhouse Strong | No frills training for strength and unarmed combat | Adam benShea | Josh Bryant | Reviews | Charles Poliquin

Every day I get asked what is a great book to buy on strength training. Jailhouse Strong is one.

Dr. Thomas E. Deebel
Jailhouse Strong | No frills training for strength and unarmed combat | Adam benShea | Josh Bryant | Reviews | Dr. Thomas E. Deebel

If you’re looking for a simple, basic, and effective training book, look no further. Jailhouse Strong is what you need. From bodyweight training to basic weight training. I can sum up the book, where there’s the will, there’s a way. This will show you a simple , but effective way. I’ve been coached by Josh for three years now and love the results. If you follow the outline in this book you too will exceed your old limits.

Gregory Allen

This is a no excuses book which makes provisions for muscle growth whether you have a lot of weights minimal weights or no weights available you can create tremendous muscle growth! Also you can incorporate weights and bodyweight exercises together. The great thing about this book is that the exercises in the book will not only make you more muscular and strong you will have the ability to use the strength. What I mean by that is there are bodyweight exercises in this book that will increase flexibility and balance that are not covered in many bodybuilding books while there are exercises with weights, the percentages of the weights to be used and intensity methods that will stimulate improved growth and performance. This book shows ways that some of the strongest people in the world (in prison and out of prison)became functionally strong. Also its great to be strong and have big muscles but if you don’t have stamina you will get tired and not be able to use your strength but this book has exercises that not only build muscle and strength but will get your heart racing and make gain better stamina than the typical gym member gets doing cardio on the treadmill or other cardio equipment in the gym remember a bodybuilder has to look muscular on stage and a powerlifter has to lift maximum weight but prisoners have to be ready to fight for their life if attacked and without stamina that would be a major disadvantage but after trying one particular exercise in this book I felt more winded than after jogging 6 miles and that was after one set ! I love the book!

Steve Coyne

Josh Bryant is one of the world’s best coaches, but he won’t tell you that himself, instead, the 20+ inch biceps and 800 pound deadlifts of many of his clients will. Inside ‘Jailhouse Strong’ is a fascinating look on how to survive when life gives you constraints, whether physical, mental, or both. Learn how to get the figure, strength, and power you want with workouts that can be done with minimal equipment or no equipment at all. The workouts were forged from tough men that knew nothing other than intensity and hard work. Josh puts these training methods on paper and explains them so these techniques can be used with anyone. A great plus to ‘Jailhouse Strong’ is the entertaining stories found inside, ranging from lifting in the streets of South Central LA to the yards of California Penal System. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously looking to improve their size, strength, and toughness!

J. Sampas

Jailhouse Strong lays out essential weightlifting and body-weight exercises. The exercises not only help build endurance but also size and core strength. It is one of the first workouts I’ve ever done where I was able to pack on muscle where my cardio did not suffer. And, I’m not a giant by any stretch of the imagination. When I first started doing the Jailhouse Strong workouts, I weighed around 165-169 pounds. Three months later, I’m 185 pounds, still making gains, while keeping my cuts. Josh and Adam layout a program that is easy to follow, making a trip to the gym or nearest pull up bar enjoyable once again. The book is written in an easy, readable manner unlike many other workout books that are inundated with technical jargon. Jailhouse Strong makes sense, and you get what the book is about from the get go. The various characters and stories keep you turning pages rather than surrendering it to a forgotten, dusty shelf. Great work out, good read; the book was solid.

Sherri Schawo

Josh’s credentials are impressive, his results are unparalleled! This book is so much more than the workout books you see on the market. Josh provides you with actual workout plans that are tried and true. They work! He has used them on his clients with unparalleled results. An added bonus – Josh’s sense of humor. He presents information in an interesting and entertaining manner. You will not be bored when you read this book! He makes learning how to get results from your workout interesting and entertaining!